Church Update re COVID-19 Virus 

Tuesday 17th of March 2020, 5:00pm


Dear York Street Church Family,

Thank you, church, for your continued support and cooperation in how we navigate our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As I mentioned on Sunday, we intend to lead and care for each other from a place of love and hope and rely on God’s strength in the midst of what sometimes feels like chaos.

It is from that same place of love and care, that we have an obligation individually and collectively to protect those within our communities from the impact of this pandemic.

As such, it is our prayerful and considered response to indefinitely postpone all church activities effective TODAY Tuesday 17th of March 2020 from 5:00 pm.

Please understand that this is not an act of self-preservation or based on fear, but an expression of our continued love for our city, our neighbours and those most vulnerable.



1. All Sunday services are postponed indefinitely. Live-streamed services will begin from this week at 9:30 am in the style of our January services. This can be accessed via our Facebook page, our church website at or via this direct link.

2. All ministry gatherings that operate from York Street Church of Christ are also postponed indefinitely. This includes but is not limited Converge Youth; Yorkie Kids and Freaky Friday; playgroups, MOPS and Glow women’s events.

3. The church office is closed indefinitely. Our staff teams are working both onsite and remotely to ensure our live stream service and other pastoral needs are met. For the safety and protection of those people, access to the church will be restricted. Our phone line will remain active and will be forwarded to staff. For urgent pastoral needs please continue to use the church phone or other communication methods you are familiar with to either speak with or leave a message for staff.

All of the above precautions will be reviewed by the elders and staff weekly.

This week, our staff and elders are working incredibly hard to create new ways to continue to uphold both the evangelistic ministries as well as discipleship programs that we have at York Street.  There will be more updates as our leadership team works within the recommendations of relevant authorities

This gives us, as the body of Christ, an opportunity to step up, not step back, to show what true family is about and care for others in ways we have not considered in the past. We will be empowering small groups and ministry areas to communicate in ways that protect both those involved and our wider community.

Please know that you are not alone, and as such, we uphold our core value that “God cares for every member of His family, and so do we. “

God bless and take care,

Pastor Tim Walter
on behalf of the leadership and staff at York Street