Sunday Services

Whether it’s your first time at church, or you’ve gone to church for years, our Sunday services are a welcoming and safe place for you to explore faith and grow. We have three services to choose from, all with a focus on helping people connect with the life giving message of Jesus.

8.45am – For those who like to start early, and who prefer a more traditional style of music.

10.30am – Meaningful contemporary worship. Our Yorkie Kids program runs during this service.

6.00pm – Our Youth & Young Adult service, however all ages are welcome to join us.

One of the greatest compliments we receive is when someone calls York Street ‘”home”. We are intentional in creating an environment that allows people to come as they are. We invite you to join us as part of your faith journey.

“Last year I moved from the 10.30am service to the 8.45am service, principally because of the style of music played at the different times. But that is what makes Yorkie so welcoming – there are various styles of Sunday worship and so many regular groups, that everyone can find a place where they are comfortable”.  Kay

“We feel York St is where we belong. We usually attend the 8.45am service and love the fellowship that we have after the service where we can meet and chat to those attending both the 8.45am and 10.30am service. We enjoy the worship, the fellowship and the message. York St is a gospel preaching church which we love”. Maggie

“I move between all three services. All have something to offer me.

8.45am has great tradition and a congregation that demonstrates great faithfulness.

10.30am is full of young families which I find very encouraging as I see young lives being taught the foundational truths of our Christian walk.

6.00pm has an abundance of youth and young adults stepping up to demonstrate their faith in action.  David

“I love the 6pm service and the relaxedness of it and the young people”.  Heather