Our Mission

Our mission and vision is simple.

  • We exist to help people meet Jesus, become like him and impact the world.
  • And we seek to be a church that is all about life, all about Jesus and active in leading people to faith.
  • We embrace the core issues of Christianity and explore them in a way that is real, brave and fun.
  • We care about you and have made a place for you here.


Our Core Values

Bible Centred

We are a church that believes the Bible is God’s inspired word and is our first priority and final authority.

Kingdom Minded

We are a church that works together with other like-minded churches to expand the Kingdom of God. We are also generous with our time, resources, finances and spiritual gifts.

Seeking Excellence

We are a church that gives our best to God by pursuing excellence in all areas of church life.


We are a church that excels in hospitality where people feel welcome, a sense of belonging and are willing and able to share the hope they have in Jesus Christ.

Focussed Outward

We are a church that exists for those who are not yet part of the church, being the hands, feet and voice of Jesus within the community.

York St Church of Christ Constitution

Click here to download a PDF copy of the constitution.